Learning To Love Yourself x

img_1290Welcome back everyone! Anyone who hasn’t seen my blog before welcome, hope u all enjoy this post and lots more to come x

This blog will start off as more of an observation then progress into my own experiences, bare with me and if u want to skip the observation/introduction then scroll down.
This blog post and my future blog posts are for both men and women, anyone who likes beauty/self love and body care 🙂 Everyone and anyone welcome here, to get in contact about future posts etc my links will be posted below each blog..

Loving your body and yourself as a person was always seen as a taboo subject among every type of body, in particular either overly slim bodies or bigger bodies.
However in recent years a movement known as “The Body Positivity Movement” had taken the world by storm, this movement has become a popular topic of conversation and controversy.
Celebrities such as Ashley Graham (the first plus size body to be on the cover of ‘Sports Illustrated’) Adele, Kate Winslet and so much more, have spoken out about the lack of diversity in show business, modelling, the music industry and society in general.
The lack of diversity in bodies shown throughout Hollywood and social media has made the movement so popular, with millions of people using the #bodypositivity one of the biggest hashtags on most social media platforms at the moment.
With the pros of this movement has brought up some cons, people have seen this movement as a sort of “anti-skinny movement”.
However that was not the purpose of the movement, “The Body Positivity Movement” was started to help everyone feel happy in their own skin no matter what weight, size or shape u are.

My personal experiences:
I have never been skinny and I don’t think I ever will but I’m completely fine with that, I’m learning to love who I am as a person and learning to love the body I was given.
But with being a bigger person I did come across my fair share of bullies, when I was growing up I went to a small primary school (elementary school) there was max 70 students there at its largest.
I was definitely the only fat kid there, I remember one person in particular always saying I was fat or saying things like “why are you here? Your just a fatty fatty” at the time it was horrible but now I’m just like f*ck you! He was never a nice person and it shows still now as he’s grown up a bit he’s become more of a cocky arse, there’s a difference between confidence and cockiness.

As I got to secondary school I was aware of my size but stopped caring, I knew if I cared and someone called me fat or ugly they it would push me further into my anxiety.
In secondary school I was happy that I wasn’t the only fat person there, it was a weight lifted off my shoulders.
Even though I wasn’t the only fat person didn’t mean I was off the hook when it came to bullies, I remember walking around the AstroTurf pitch with one of my best friends at the time and a guy behind us yelled “hey fatty! Yeah first year fatty!” I ignored it and kept walking not even looking back, I did this for two reasons.
One, because I didn’t want to know who did it as I knew whenever I saw them around school again it would upset me.
Two, because I didn’t want to give that narrow-minded idiot the satisfaction of getting a reaction out of me.
This happened again by who I assume was the same person on the second week of school, after that he gave up knowing I wasn’t going to give in to his stupidity.

At the start of third year I started Slimming World, it helped me lose two and a half stone which I am very proud of.
I quit Slimming World for a few reasons, I found myself unhappy with the people I went with (one of my old friends and her mum) I felt as if I wasn’t there for me anymore.
When my mum and I went there I felt as if I had to be friendly with my old best friend and it was hard, there was a lot going on.
I missed a few classes here and there for that reason but when I’d go back there the mentor would treat me differently for missing even though she knew why I was unhappy there.
However I will be starting back at Slimming World soon in a different place this time and I’ll be sticking to it for me.
I love my body but like everyone else does I have flaws that I hate, imperfections that I can and can’t change, parts of me that I hate and love.

For me I can’t become the person I want to be unless I love who I am at this moment first.

Remember no matter what size, shape or weight you are, you are beautiful.
If you want to change then please learn to love yourself first, if you don’t then there’s a chance you could change everything you hate about yourself and get the body you want but end up still seeing all your imperfections rather than all the parts of you that are amazing.

Show yourself some love baby! You deserve all the love in the world 🖤

Bye bye beauties!
Amy x

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