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img_1424Hi all! 

Today’s blog is an important one, it’s one that is being posted as a disclaimer basically for future and past blogs.

I don’t think I should have to post it but for personal reasons I feel like I do so bare with me it’s a bit of a doozy.

Just going to get straight into it. As a blog is in text and you can’t hear how I say what I’m saying, it can be open to a lot of interpretation. What I write I can mean in one way but anyone can read it in a complete different way, but that’s the beauty of blogging.

I’ve posted a blog called “Learning To Love Yourself” only a few days ago. Already I’ve had people DM me on Instagram and emails thanking me for posting it, I’m so grateful for that. I’ve asked one of those people if I could quote a part of their email for this blog for an example, she said yes so here it is. “Thank you for sharing what happened to you in primary and secondary school. It made me feel less embarrassed about my own bullying stories. Now I’m more confident and don’t care what anyone thinks of me.”

I’m so happy for that email and feedback! That’s exactly what I mean by the beauty of interpretation, that girl used what I said to be beneficial to herself. She interpreted my writing in a way that helps her!

However with the positives of interpretation there’s the negatives. Anyone can mistake one thing for another, that’s fine though. As long as you no that what I write is never ever meant in a way to hurt anyone, it’s never aimed at anyone.

I write my experiences, I write them and word them in a way that I feel comfortable doing so, because this is my blog. I can’t control how someone wishes to view my blog, if someone decides to see it in a negative way then that’s how they’ll see it.

None of my blogs will be written to have a negative reflection on anyone, but if someone reads it and gets the vibe of negativity toward them then that is all on them. Each and every blog I put up and write will be done unapologetically as it’s to help anyone in the same situation and to help me.

I have never and will never write and post something with the intention of hurting anyone, however if you are upset by what I post please feel free to contact me and tell me I’ll explain the reason for me writing it and I will explain the way I meant it in.

If you’ve started a blog and got criticism for one of them don’t mind it not everyone is going to like every blog. Tailor your blog to suit you and your interests!
Thank you for reading this far, the rest of this blog will be about future posts etc so if you wish to see that keep reading babe!

On a lighter note I have a surprise guest blogger who you will see soon, they’ll be writing a blog for me soon and I’ll do the same for them! Stay tuned to see that within the next month or so. I haven’t decided on a specific post day(s) yet so you’ll have to follow my socials to keep up to date.

I’ve decided to do a “Specials Sunday” blog! On Sundays I will be posting “Specials Sunday” blog which will contain either my favourite product that week, clothing item, shoes, jewellery or surprise deals I’ve seen throughout the week that I think some of you would be interested in. I’m so excited for future positive happy blogs!

If you have any feedback on any blog future or current please tell me, I appreciate all feedback! As always my social medias will be listed below so you can use any of them to contact me if needs be.

Regarding the picture on this post: I’ve asked each person if I could use the conversation and I’ve blurred out areas that they wanted to be blurred out šŸ™‚ Thank you girlies!

Thank you all,

Amy x

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