Pro’s and Con’s of Slimming World.


Hi everyone,

For today’s blog post I decided to write about the pro’s and con’s of Slimming World. This post is for those of you that are thinking of going to Slimming World.
For me starting Slimming World was scary, I remember being so nervous about weigh in and who would know my weight.

After meeting everyone there I was happy and comfortable, at first weigh in I had mixed feelings about my weight. I thought I’d be way heavier than what I was so there was a sense of relief, at the same time I wasn’t exactly happy with my weight.

Once I found the foods that worked for me I was losing a good amount a week, naturally every so often I’d have a gain or stay the same weight but nothing you couldn’t fix.

If you’ve read my blog post “Learning To Love Yourself” you’d know I did quit Slimming World, I had started feeling uncomfortable there and I just didn’t feel like I was there for myself.

I didn’t feel like I was there to lose the weight, I wasn’t in the right frame of mind and for the last three weeks of me being there I was either staying the same weight or just losing a half a pound. Part of the reason why I quit was because I was uncomfortable with the mentor/leader, not going to go into it but I just wasn’t happy there anymore.


So with my whole experience of Slimming World I know some of the pro’s and con’s of going there.


The plan is easy and not as restrictive as other diets, it doesn’t feel like a diet and it’s something you can keep up.
Once you start finding the foods that stop your cravings and help your weight loss you could lose 5+ pounds a week! That’s amazing, I lost 7 pounds in one week, half a stone!

You have your Syns which your allowed use for treats or alcohol, everyone is allowed 15 Syns a day and some 20. I’d definitely recommend having them, the first couple of weeks I’d only have 5 Syns a day and my weight loss was fairly slow so the leader upped it to 20 so I’d have to have at least 12. Once I was having that I lost more and more.

If you miss a week without booking it in then you’ll have to pay for that week anyway.

If your a private person this might not be your favourite place to go to, I’m really private about certain things and when I was there, there would be people asking what’d you lose/gain. I went with mum and when I wouldn’t answer some people would ask her what I got. That’s my biggest pet peeves if I’m honest.
Make sure you’re comfortable with the person who’s weighing you in, if you’re not definitely ask the mentor to do it. Sometimes that can be hard to do and feel awkward but there’s nothing worse then the thought of someone you’re uncomfortable with weighing you in.

More Info:
Slimming World is for all ages, children and adults.

Anyone under 16 is free each week, you just have to pay the start up fee. Anyone over 16 have to pay the start up fee and €9 a week.

There’s different awards every year, some for couples who’ve joined that year and have had big weight losses, awards for teens, men and women.

Hope anyone potentially joining Slimming World found this helpful,

Amy x

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