Surprising My LDR Boyfriend


5022B051-C27E-4ADD-83EA-9E0627434603.jpgHi everyone!

Sorry I was MIA the past 2 weeks, I was planning a surprise visit for my boyfriends birthday and working.

To get back into the swing of things my next few blogs will be about my trip to see my boyfriend in England.
Hope you enjoy!

For the past couple months I’ve been thinking about surprising my boyfriend, at the end of January I got the idea to go over on the weekend of his birthday in March.

I messaged Chris’s mum Julie to just mention the idea, she agreed and we started planning it out.

Both Julie, my mum and I thought it would be a good idea for me to fly over on Friday the 3rd of March and fly home on Tuesday the 7th of March.

The night I was planning on booking the tickets, Chris told me on FaceTime about the two weeks of work experience he is going to be doing in March for college.

Since the first week was starting on the Monday before I was planning to go over, we had to move the surprise back another week. At least it was only a small late birthday surprise πŸ’œ

On Friday March 10th I flew from Shannon airport to Stansted airport at 07:00am, I was met there by Chris’s dad Carl and he drove back to their house.
There I met Carl’s mum Linda, I loved meeting Carl and Linda who I heard about quite a bit.

About a half hour later Julie came home from work so I got to meet her and talk with her quite a bit.
Carl brought down some baby photos of Chris and Julie showed me some more photo albums.

Later that afternoon I met Chris’s younger brother Jack, Julie and I then went to collect Chris from work. At this stage he still had no idea I was there.

We saw Chris walking towards the car I saw his face looking in so I hopped out and walked towards him, the smile on his face made me so happy.

Those moments are the ones that make the hard work and being apart all worth it.

The long weekend I had with Chris and his family was so nice, I met his mums parents, his dads mum and his friends we watched a movie with his family, went to the beach had chips and played mini golf all of us together.

Chris and I went bowling with his friends and back to one of their houses after, we went to London and Chris was like my own personal tour guide.

Overall that weekend was the best ever, I’m so glad we managed to keep it a secret and Chris was shocked.

Hopefully it’s not long until I see Chris again, it’s safe to say I miss him loads already.

This was just a little blog about my first time flying alone and surprising Chris, I hope you liked it.
I have a few more blogs planned about Long Distance Relationships for the next week or two.

Amy x
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