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Hi all!

Today’s blog is one that’s a bit emotional, personal and relates to everyone in one way or another.

In recent years mental health has become the topic of a lot of conversations and controversy.
Some think “ah sure mental health illnesses aren’t actually illnesses” and others think they are as important as a physical illness.

Personally I think mental health is really important, if you’re upset or constantly worrying then you know yourself that you’re not going to be feeling very well. Everything links up, stress (mental) can cause you to have headaches (physical) etc etc.

With that in mind, stress affects everyone at some stage. Likewise everyone will experience some anxiousness, loneliness and sadness and some point, if you haven’t already then who’s to say you won’t?

If you have experienced any of these you will know how it can make you feel. Now imagine that anxiousness you felt, heightened to the point where you are no longer in control of your body.
You are no longer in control of your breathing, your heart starts to pound out of your chest, you start to cry without any reason, you get extremely hot or extremely cold, you start to shake all over.
Someone comes up and asks you are you okay, you try to answer but no words come out.

You are having a panic attack.

Remember that loneliness you once felt, maybe it was caused by an argument with a friend, an uncomfortable situation, a breakup.
You felt like there was no one there just for that one moment that you needed someone.

Now imagine that feeling again but worse, that feeling there everyday.
Feeling so lonely to the point where you isolate yourself even more without knowing.
You lose trust in the people you trusted the most, feeling like there’s no one ever there whether you need to talk or not.
You spend more time alone because that way you can’t disappoint anyone and no one can disappoint you.
You have no one to open up to, no one to talk to for days/weeks/months on end.
You spend your days talking to a wall.

These are just two mental health issues that anyone could be going through, that girl you sit next to in science, that boy you see in the shop.
Anyone can have mental health illnesses, it’s important to be aware of that.

From someone that has really high anxiety and often low moods, if a friend or family member isn’t acting themselves don’t pressure them into going back to how they were, just talk to them and figure out what’s going on with that person.
Don’t distance yourself from that person because you think they want to be alone, often times that just them wanting you to talk to them even more.

If you think someone needs help then 100% do what you think is best for them or if it were you in the situation what you think they’d do for you.
Whether it’s speaking to a professional or someone older than you, or even keeping it between you and that person but talking them around to seeking help themselves with your support.

I felt like talking abit about this because I have such bad anxiety to the point where I left school, I’ll most likely be repeating forth year (year before leaving cert – exam year).
However I won’t be going back to school full time, I’ll be there 2/3 days a week but not the full 5.
The days that I’m not in school I’ll be doing homeschooling.

I’m seeing someone for my anxiety (CAHMS) just to get it sorted but there’s a lot of different things that link off from my anxiety that I need help with.

For anyone who doesn’t know where to go if you need help then here’s just a list of things you could do etc:

•Jigsaw –
Jigsaw is a free non-profit group where young people can go to or contact if they have any worries, feel like they are just not themselves anymore or even know they have a mental health illness and don’t know where to start for help.

It’s a very relaxed environment and the people there are so easy talk to and they’re very private.

•Primary Care Psychologist-
A primary care psychologist is basically and counsellor that you meet through the HSE (Irish health care system) by getting in touch with you’re doctor and asking to be seen.

A psychologist can’t prescribe medication so it’s just talking and seeing what coping skills you could use for the particular problems you’re facing.

From July-January (with a break from the end of October to January seen by jigsaw during the break) I was seen by a primary care psychologist.
I found it good in the sense that I was able to open up and just talk about whatever I needed to get out of my system.
However the coping skills I learned for my panic attacks didn’t help, it was more of a small distraction, (it helps for some but not all).

After months of not really getting anywhere I was referred by Jigsaw and my Psychologist to CAHMS.

All I really know about CAHMS is that its basically at the top when it comes to mental health help, there’s not just psychologists but also psychiatrists, doctors and nurses there.

I went in for my first appointment a few days ago and found it intense but nothing I wasn’t used to, there was just a lot of talking and I had opened up a lot in the sense that there was a lot that I never mentioned to my mum or anyone else that they managed to get out of me.

With everything I’ve tried I’ve been as optimistic as possible.
Don’t be afraid to open up, I was for a long time and it just made it worse.

If you are unhappy or anxious or even don’t know whats going on with yourself but you just know that your aren’t you anymore then definitely look up Jigsaw and find one closest to you.
Call them or drop in, you won’t regret it!

Hope this helped anyone in these situations or someone who knows someone going through something like this, as always thank you for reading and feel free to contact me for anything, whether it’s about what I just wrote or anything else please do so.

Amy x

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