Long Distance Relationship Tips

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Hey everyone!

For those of you who are just seeing my blog for the first time then welcome and for those of you that have been here before welcome back.

This blog post is for anyone in a long distance relationship so friendship, or romantic relationship. Also for anyone thinking of getting into a long distance relationship.

After being asked questions from others about my relationship and how we make it work through the distance, I decided to make a blog post about little things that get us through the difficult moments.

This post will include some questions at the end. These questions are general questions and not about my relationship in particular. If you would like to see a Q&A post then DM me and I’ll do so!

Let’s get into it.

* One big part of being long distance is you can’t go out on little dates. One way we over come that is by having our own unique movie night. We do this by being on FaceTime and finding a movie we can both watch so using Netflix or Putlocker, sounds a bit weird to anyone who doesn’t do it but we have to count down from 3 to 1 then both press play at the same time.

* When you miss them and want to do something small for both you and them then maybe try this. I kind of figured this out after coming back from visiting Chris over two weeks ago. So when in long distance relationships usually you tend to form this routine where u text on one app and only on that normally and call on another. For us it was we text in the morning on Facebook and then call each other after when both of us is up etc etc so that’s our routine. When you’re missing your other half that tends to not be enough. When I landed after leaving Chris I sent him a text on just regular text message and he sent one back so that was out of our routine of just texting on Facebook or snapchat. For the next few days after he’d text me if he was going somewhere after college so we could organise a time to call later. (May seem odd to those who are not in long distance but we have to do this to spend our time with each other). Since the texts were on a different messaging platform it felt really different when I’d get a message, almost surprise like. If your missing your other half maybe try this? It may seem small but definitely effective, whether it’s email, actual text message, Facebook text, whatsapp etc try something different that they use but not to text each other.

* Make time for each other! This is crucial, I know days or weeks can be hectic and just may seem like there’s not enough hours in the day. However it’s still important to make time for each other, if you know that you’re lacking in spending time together then send a little text saying that it’s a hectic few days/week and that you’re thinking of them. This shows the other person that even though you’re busy, you still care and that their not the only one who is missing someone.

* Jealousy is a very common thing, everyone faces it at some point whether long distance or not. However long distance jealousy is horrible, everyone gets jealous and that’s not a bad thing it shows you care but often times it came make you feel crazy or stupid. Honestly there’s no point in me lying and say I don’t get jealous cos I do, I get jealous of anyone who gets to see Chris on a daily basis cos I want to be able to. The best thing to do is be honest with them if it’s a particular person you’re jealous of, as they are then able to clarify whatever needs to be clarified and just reassure you. Let’s face it everyone needs reassurance at some point.


* How do I tell my parents about my long distance boyfriend? It is really nerve wrecking but best to be honest. First think, have you video called with them? If yes then good because you need that. A lot of parents are wary when it comes to long distance so having them told that you video chat is a good thing so you can explain that you know they really are themselves. Now you just need to rip it off like a bandaid, which ever parent you’re closer to then tell them first it’s probably easiest. Be 100% honest and open, ask them if they have any questions and then answer every single one. Now bravo you’re done!

* What should I keep in mind before considering a long distance relationship? Definitely make sure both ready and fully committed to it, are you both willing to be heartbroken every time you meet up and have to say goodbye again and are you both ready for some hard lonely days. Those are three questions to ask each other before getting too attached as it is hard work and heartbreaking. Keep in mind if you fight for it while apart it makes being together 100 times better and worth it!

* My boyfriend has been really busy the past two weeks, how do I tell him I miss him without making him feel guilty? Send him a quick text saying you hope he’s having a good day that you miss him loads and really want to talk when he’s free. This way you’re telling him you miss him and call you when he’s free but without any passive aggressiveness of him not spending time with you recently. At least by mentioning to talk later he’ll take that as enough of a hint to ring you and spend some time with you without any guilt.

* I feel like I’m the only one putting work into the relationship, what should I do? Have a open conversation with your boyfriend or girlfriend and just be honest about how you feel, at the end of the day if they don’t know then they can’t change it.

Thats all for this post I have a load more questions but don’t want this post to be too long, so I will do another sometime soon answering the rest.

Hope you all liked this and maybe it might help you out about if you’re in a long distance relationship or about to get into one.

Amy x

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4 thoughts on “Long Distance Relationship Tips

  1. Try using the app Rabbit for watching movies together! You can use Netflix, YouTube etc and your just join the same one and watch like that! More in time that 3,2,1!! Although I can relate to that greatly 😂

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