5 Must Have Makeup Products


9013D2B0-5179-412E-9868-1804ADBACA3D.jpgHey everyone!

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve been on here and I’m sorry for that, after getting back from England I was out of routine and didn’t know what to post.

I’ve made a posting schedule to get back into the groove of things. I will be posting every Monday and Thursday between 4pm and 6pm.

I’ve a bit of exciting news before I get into this blog post. I’m going to Wireless Festival London in July with Chris! I will have a good blog about that and lots of pictures, I’m so thrilled. I booked my flights yesterday for then and Chris is coming over in 4 weeks!

Alright I decided to do a little makeup blog post today hope you enjoy.


Whether you’re a beginner at makeup or not this might be something worth reading, each product I write about in this I 100% recommend.

Catrice Foundation:
Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation is amazing, for me I have really oily skin and it’s bomb. I’ve seen others with dry and combination skin rave about this foundation. It’s super affordable, light weight and a small amount at a time is needed. Preferably apply with a beauty blender for the most flawless finish.

Sleek Illuminator:
Sleek Barekissed Illuminator in the shade ‘Monaco’ is what I found to be a great illuminator. I usually mix a small amount with my foundation and it gives a soft glowing finish. This can be used as a soft highlight or on bare skin as a little touch of a glow. It’s affordable and lasts super long, only a tiny amount is needed.

Inglot Blush:
Inglot AMC Face Blush in shade ‘124’ is a gorgeous rusty pink blush. Personally I like to use this as an eyeshadow, for a single product it is more on the expensive side. However it lasts a long time as it’s so pigmented and big. I love this product as I have oily eyelids and if doesn’t crease or rub off when I wear it all day.

Maybelline Concealer:
Maybelline ‘The Eraser Eye’ Instant Anti-Age Concealer is the perfect concealer for those pesky dark circles. Honestly I wouldn’t wear it everyday as it is slightly heavy, for a day out or night out this is perfect. It’s a brilliant heavy-duty concealer, it lasts all day long and is so easy to blend into your foundation.

Max Factor Mascara:
Max Factor MasterpieceMax Mascara is a recent favourite of mine. I’ve been a massive fan of the Benefit They’re Real Mascara for the longest time, honestly though I find this mascara better. I know it pains me to say this but Benefit step up your game, Max Factor is coming for you! This is an absolute must have for me, I’ve never seen my eyelashes as long and think in my life. Definite must buy!

Those were my must haves, each product is brilliant and well worth a try. Don’t forget to check out my blog instagram and twitter, I will be posting more frequently.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post and I’ll see you again on Monday!

Bye babes

Amy x

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