Embarrassing Goodbye


Hey all,

For today’s blog post I was thinking I’d do a funny/embarrassing story time post. This way you get to know me a lil bit more and know my most embarrassing moment.

It’s one of those stories that wasn’t fun at the time, now I get a good laugh off it.

Safe to say I’ll never forget this story.

I was visiting Chris for the first time, my first time ever in England and it was great. Before I went my mum had me warned to get her the ‘Chip’ cup in primark (don’t sell it in Ireland). She told me “if you don’t get that cup, don’t bother coming home”, a joke obviously.

The day I was going home Chris’s dad Carl said he’d bring us to Lakeside shopping centre, that way I could find the cup. We had about 30 mins to look around primark for the cup before we had to leave to get to the airport.

Chris and I were going toward the entrance for primark and I felt my tummy ache. I thought or well hoped it was just a wind pain, turns out it was a lot more than that. I threw up all over the path way in the middle of two entrances to primark….. Let’s say every time someone left or went in they saw me πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

It was even more embarrassing as there was a care taker for the centre changing the stickers on the bollards, he was only two bollards away from me. Chris had to run upstairs in primark to get me some tissue paper.

While Chris was gone the nice care taker had to call another person to come clean the vomit… it was so awkward. Thankfully they were both nice and were actually concerned.

After I got tissue paper from Chris I went up to the bathrooms and washed my face. As I was washing my face a woman asked me was I okay (my mascara was running down my face). The woman helped me get the mascara off and pointed out I got vomit on my leggings and shoesπŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

I ran threw primark quickly picking up the last bits and pieces of pressies for my siblings and at the end of all of that…… THERE WAS NO CHIP CUP😩 I was so close to just crying, but I held it in and just bought wipes and hand sanitizer…. that was an essential after what had just happened.

Luckily I had gum in my bag. When we got to the airport I felt so bad for Chris, he still gave me a peck ☺️ but that was probably the most memorable goodbye for us so far.


So that was my most embarrassing story ever, thinking back to it now I just find it funny.

What an end to a great weekend πŸ˜‚

Hope you liked that little story time, see you Thursday!

Amy x

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