Going back to Slimming World


image.jpgHi all,

For today’s blog post I was going to do “DIY Watermarbling” but decided it’s the perfect day to do a Slimming World blog post.

I have just got back from rejoining in Slimming World, I’m thrilled to say I have kept off all the weight I lost last time I was at Slimming World (over a year ago) so I’ve maintained!

I was so nervous going in but the leader is so lovely and made me feel really comfortable there.

For this blog post I want to set some goals and answer some questions I got after my last Slimming World blog post (I will link it at the bottom of my post).

Goal 1:

19th May
I decided I’d set myself a mini target of a 10 pound weight loss by May 19th (Chris’s next visit). That means I will have my half stone award (7lbs) and an extra 3lbs off.
I know I can do this and will succeed, I’m at an advantage this time around as I’ve done Slimming World before and know what works for me.

Goal 2:

6th July.
I’m flying over to see Chris on the 6th of July to go Wireless Music Festival in London. For the festival I want to have at least 3 stone off. There’s a dress I really want for the festival but I have myself told not to buy it unless I’ve 2 and a have stone off. Wireless here I come!!! (But three stone lighter!!!)



* Scary part of joining SW?
Not knowing what the leader is like and what you weigh.

* Best part of SW?
Seeing the weight loss and knowing that your self-determination/effort got you too lose that weight.

* Is SW a diet where you can’t enjoy treats at all?
Honestly no, you have your daily “syns” allowance everyday. “Syns” are in your treats etc. E.g. 1 level tbsp of ketchup is 1 “syn”.

* Hardest part of SW?
The hardest part is getting back into the routine of it again after going off track.


Hope you enjoyed that short post, my “DIY Watermarbling” blog post will be up on Monday!

Link for my other Slimming World posts:

Bye babes

Amy x

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