Met Gala 2017

Hi everyone! 

I decided to do an extra blog post today, the Met Gala was on recently and with any high class event like the Met Gala brings a variety of outfits. Either you love the outfits or hate them. 

I thought I’d share some of my favourite and least favourite outfits from the Met Gala this year.


My Favourites: 

Stella Maxwell-

I liked this look as it wasn’t too over the top yet very different.
Taylor Hill-

I loved this dress and just her whole outfit, hair and makeup. The dress is gorgeous and suits her perfectly.
Ashley Graham-

I thought this was so different yet stunning, it hugged Ashley in all the right places.

This dress is my absolute favourite it was so stunning, revealing but elegant.
Paris Jackson-

Paris is just gorgeous, all the time. No matter what she wears she can pull it off. I loved this dress on here it just suited her really well.
Selena Gomez & The Weeknd-

So our only couple on this list. These two looked so amazing. I love the simplicity of Selenas dress and handbag but her makeup made her really stand out. Of course her suited and booted man on her arm all ready to go.

Least favourites:
Kendall Jenner-

I love Kendall and all of her outfits but this one just wasn’t there for me. I felt like she was trying too hard to prove something.
Gigi Hadid-

Gigi is gorgeous but this outfit wasn’t something I thought she’d go for and to be honest I really don’t think it was a good idea.
Thadie Newton

Thadie is gorgeous, while I love her makeup I just don’t like the dress.
Lena Dunham-

I feel like this is very Lena and it suits her personality but I really just don’t like it, it’s so big.
Claire Danes-

I honestly don’t get this outfit, there’s so much going on and it’s just too much for me.

Modanna is Madonna… I don’t like this outfit yet I did expect something like this, she’s very out there. There’s nothing wrong with that just not my taste.
These are just my personal opinions, no offence meant to anyone. 

Hope you guys like this little blog post, leave a comment below saying your favourites or least favourites. 

Bye babes! 

Amy x
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