Spotify Playlist -2

Hey all, 

My last Spotify Playlist blog post went down an absolute treat, so I thought since today was hectic it would be good to do a small post like this. 

Some of the songs in the following list are old. No more than two are old but still goodies! 

Artist:              Song:

Sweekuh – Difficult 

Tom Odell – Another Love

James TW – Ex

Halsey – Now or Never

Shawn Hook – Reminding me (ft Vanessa Hudgens)

TLC – No Scrubs 

Kap G – I see you (ft Chris Brown)

TRACES – Do better

Black bear – do re mi

Hoodie Allen – No interruption

Dusky Grey – Told Me 

Goody Grace – Two Shots 

All of those songs are in my Spotify Playlist called “2017”. My Spotify is amy_xo46 the further down you scroll the newer the songs are. 

Hope you liked this blog post and hopefully you find a new favourite song! 

Bye babes 

Amy x
Social media:

Blog Instagram: mainly_amy

Personal Instagram: amy_xo46

Snapchat: Amy120808

Twitter: mainly_amy            




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