Review: Makeup Removing Cloth

Hey everyone! 

Sorry I’m posting this a little late I kinda forgot… I know I’m sorry! I promise it won’t happen again. 

So I’m going to be reviewing the new 3 Set Wash Cloths from Primark (Penneys).  I will be reviewing them based on, first impressions, feel, removing makeup with just water and removing makeup with coconut oil. 


First Impression: 

At first glance they look so pretty and soft, in my head I was thinking “how the hell is this going to remove my makeup with just water?”

When I opened it up I grabbed one and it was super soft, almost to the point where u would be convinced it wouldn’t remove anything but just make ur skin feel soft.

It felt amazing and so nice against my skin. One thing I’m really happy about is when I wet it there was no dye dripping. So basically none of the pink dye dripped out like it does with some other wash cloths.
Removing With Water:

I did half my face with water and half with coconut oil. Honestly it’s not great with just water. It is heavenly against your skin but not great to take off all your makeup. If you have light makeup on then maybe but not great.
Removing With Coconut Oil:

For this side of my face I rubbed some coconut oil into my skin to loosen my makeup. It worked amazingly with the cloth. The cloth took it all off and made my skin feel so good after it. 
Over all:

Over all I do like this product mainly because I always have coconut oil on hand so it’s great with that. With water no way. It is worth having a pack of these around, for just €4 where could you go wrong? 

Hope you all liked this little review. I’ll see you all again on Monday! 

Bye babes, 

Amy x
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