Girly Q&A and Advice

Hey everyone! 

Sorry I’ve been MIA for the past week, it was both my sisters birthdays last week and Chris came over on Friday. 

I’m back today with a Q&A for us girls🌸 

I’ve asked everyone on both my Instagrams and my Twitter to send in your questions. Here’s just a few! 




All my friends are big into going out and getting drunk. More often than not I get forced into it too, don’t get me wrong I like going out drinking but not so much getting drunk. 


That’s a tricky one but I think everyone gets in that situation at some stage. You should just have a chat with them before a night out and say, you’re going to go out and enjoy yourself with them but you don’t want to be forced into drinking. 


I feel like there’s so much pressure to be pretty and skinny. All my friends are gorgeous and perfect, every boy likes them but I’ve never had a boy like me. 


No one is perfect and honestly if perfect was a thing you would be it! Don’t compare yourself to your friends, you will drive yourself crazy. All my friends are skinny and gorgeous, have boys after them none stop but I’m not skinny or gorgeous I’m me and I have someone who loves me. Everyone has someone who likes them no matter what you look like. Don’t feel bad because you think boys don’t like you, most likely someone does like you but is too scared to show you. Don’t put yourself down, no two people are the same so don’t compare yourself to anyone. Be you, be confident, be happy in yourself!



Two months ago I’ve started going out with someone and when we hang out with my friends (and their boyfriends) my friends give him the cold shoulder. They don’t really know him but they’re being really rude. I don’t know what to do?


That’s rough, you’re best bet is to meet up with them and talk to them about it. Ask why they’re being a little cold and is there a specific reason or problem. Say how it makes you feel or if you’re uncomfortable and find a way sort it all out. 


I’m 17 and been in a relationship for 3 years, my boyfriend wants to have sex but I don’t want to be annoying and keep saying no but I’m scared to do it. Help? 


Honestly don’t do it unless you’re ready, everyone’s scared when it comes to their first time. It’s not worth doing if your not 100% comfortable and ready to do so. If you decide to do it make sure you’re happy with who it’s with. Dont rush it, be honest with your boyfriend about how you feel, if he cares about you he won’t push you into it.

I’m gay and I don’t know how to tell my parents. Some of my friends know and are fine with it but my dad is so homophobic I’m scared he’ll kick me out. What should I do? 


It’s such a good start opening up to your friends. Your parents should be open to the idea of you being gay, it’s part of you. I know not everyone is open arms when it comes to things like this. I don’t know if this is good advice but if you’re really worried about being kicked out, maybe hold off until you’re at a stage where you can support yourself. I hate saying that but I don’t know what you should do honestly. 


I’m 15 and only just got my period, I always felt weird about being the only one without my period but now I’m worried about it. I don’t know how I can hide it when I go swimming, I swim competitively. 


Tampons, Tampons, Tampons! Don’t worry about being a late bloomer, I was the opposite and an early one. When it comes to swimming, if you have cramps take a nurofen express a half hour before and use a tampon. If you’ve never used one then just read the instructions and you should be A okay.


My periods are so heavy that I’m constantly worried about leaking. Especially in school. Any tips? 


Girl sameeeee! It happened the odd time in school , I did it twice in one week. Shit part is I had to tell my Science teacher Mrs Morne and it was embarrassing af. The only thing that helps is use two long night pads together (long sides facing out) it’ll feel so uncomfortable and weird but it helps and wear a tampon. This way when you’re in school or out anywhere if you need to change you don’t have to take off and change everything. You’ll just have to remove your tampon and then your good to go cos you already have basically a nappy on! P.S no one will notice or see, so don’t be worried. 

I feel like I’m in between sizes when it comes to my bras I’m too big for a B but too small for a C. Wtf what do I do? 


You need to get fitted for a bra, if you have done this already you’ll need to do it again to get the perfect size. Shaws are great and Victoria’s Secret. Don’t be embarrassed they do it all the time. 


That’s it for my Girly Q&A/Advice blog post, I think I’ve embarrassed myself enough there 😂 Hope you liked it, make sure you keep up with my Socials to be up to date on my posts and other news. Make sure you follow me on here to be notified every time I post. Simply just sign up with your email and you’re done. 

Almost at 300 followers on my Blog Instagram, I’ve an idea which I will tell you about once I hit 350 followers. 

See you soon, 

Amy x

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