Review: Clearasil, ULTRA Rapid Action Gel Wash

Hey everyone! 

So the past week I’ve been all over the place, with posts and but after using this for a week I’ve decided to do a little review. 

Usually I get one or two pimples at most around the time of my period but recently my skin has been flaring up every second week with like five or six really sore pimples or a pimple like rash.

Mum picked this up for me to try so I used it for about a week and it brought a lot of my pimples down which is amazing! 

How I used it: 

β€’ If I have makeup on I will remove it with makeup removing pads from Tesco which are amazing and super cheap if you haven’t tried definitely do! (If not then skip to the next step) 

β€’ I grab my Primark makeup removing cloth (3Pk 2x pink 1x white) they’re super soft. I soak it in hot water, as hot as I can manage and press against my face mainly on areas where I get my flare ups. This will open up the pores so I can give my face a good clean. To see the cloths I use just click this link for the review : Primark Makeup Removing Cloths .
β€’ I use one squirt of the gel wash and rub it into my dampened skin and rinse. I grab my cloth squeeze it out and remove and excess wash. 
β€’ I rinse off my cloth and put it under running cold water, I press it against my face to close up all my pores. 
β€’ I pat my face dry lightly with a towel and apply my everyday moisturiser. ( NIVEA Oil- Free Day Cream, as I have oily skin) 



Everything you do for your face do for your neck. If you wash your face bring some wash down to your neck, same with moisturiser. This is helpful as when you get older you’re neck will age faster than your face πŸ˜‹


After a week of using this I feel like it definitely helps. However it can dry out your skin a small bit so make sure to use a moisturiser that suits your skin after use. 
Is it worth it?:

Definitely yes, it makes your skin feel so soft and brings down all the pimples after 1-2 uses. It lessens the redness aswell which is a huge bonus. 
Would I recommend?: 

100% Yes but have a moisturiser for after.
I hope that was helpful for you all. I think on Thursday I’ll do a makeup look post like my Glam Pink Makeup Look post. Link: Glam Pink Makeup Look πŸ’„ 

See you all Thursday! 

Bye babes, 

Amy x

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2 thoughts on “Review: Clearasil, ULTRA Rapid Action Gel Wash

    1. Definitely try it, I found it so helpful, haven’t had a breakout since ☺️ They have a spot treatment which you can apply after on just the area you need it for and it’s supposed to be brill too x

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