8 Year Old Reviews Mac Lipsticks

Hey everyone,

Welcome back and to all my new readers, thank you for joining.

For today’s blog post I wanted to do something different, I’m joined by my gorgeous little sister Mya.

Mya will be reviewing three of my Mac lipsticks. I will ask her several questions about them and she will give me her honest answer, they will be all her own words. 


Left to Right: 

Creme Cup, Velvet Teddy, Captive.
Mya’s Opinions:

Creme Cup-

I like it but it’s too light, too light for me. I prefer darker ones but I can wear it at home and mom won’t know I have any lipstick on. 
Velvet Teddy-

I like the colour. You can wear it more than dark colours and it’s nicer than light ones like the other one. I can wear it with lipgloss.

It’s so nice. I can wear it whenever and I look really cute in it. *Hair Flip* (I’m not kidding she did a hair flip!)


It smells really nice, like vanilla and cake. The lightest one (Creme Cup) smells the best.

Is it worth it?:

Amy-  I know you like the lipsticks a lot, especially the two darker ones but they are quite expensive. They cost €20, so you think it’s worth that much money each and would you buy them? 

Mya- €20! I would buy them if I was rich, but I’m not so I’d go to Penneys or the chemist and get cheaper ones but that are the same colours as Mac.

So that was all Myas opinions and her exact words, for the last one I just added our names so you wouldn’t get confused.

I hope you enjoyed and if you like it please let me know and we will do more together. 

See you on Monday! 

Bye babes, 

Amy x

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